OKO Solution exclusive distributor of Xtend Foot for France and its overseas territories

We are indeed very happy to announce that OKO Solution is our exclusive distributor for France and its overseas territories. The Xtend Foot will receive its LPPR-listing code within one and an half month and the product will be jointly demonstrated on OKO Solution’s stand at ISPO France, taking place in Lyon on November 8-9, 2017.
Read more about OKO Solution here.
Halmstad, Sweden and Marseille, France. October 25, 2017

To become a parent

Halmstad, Sweden, March 10 2016

Last year in December, Christoffer Lindhe, founder of Lindhe Xtend, became a father to a little daughter. Ellie is now almost three month old. But how do take care of a little child and which challenges do you have as a tripple-amputee father? Christoffer shares some of his ideas to handle the daily life as a parent.

Stand-Up-Paddling – SUP

Fylleån, Halmstad – Sweden, September 18 – 2015

Christoffer Lindhe likes to stretch the limits. This week he has been trying out SUP – Stand Up Paddling. In the river of Fylleån, just outside of Halmstad where Christoffer lives, we take a little tour on of those last summer-days in Sweden. Take a look at how decisive Christoffer takes onboard a new challenge.

Horse-back riding again!

Hjerkinn, Norway, August 28 – 2015

Christoffer Lindhe is horseback-riding for the first time since his accident. The excursion, organized by Momentum in Norway, provides some nice views of the area of Dovre in Norway, a glimpse of the horse with the funny name Femur and also how Christoffer manages the trip.

Visiting the world congress ISPO

Lyon, France, June 26 – 2015

This week we visited Lyon in France and the ISPO World congress. See Christoffer’s blogg (in Swedish) about how you cope with prosthetics when wandering on the exhibition all day long.

About winter, snow and nature

Dovrefjell in Norway, November 30, 2014

When travelling back from a amputee-meeting with Momentum in Trondheim, we took the road E6 through the beautiful Dovrefjell. A lovely experience and we also get to see snow for the first time this season. See Christoffer’s videoblogg about the nature, the privilege of a double-amputee to be dressed in shorts during the winter and how to handle slippery surfaces.

On training, swimming and finding time

Halmstad swimming pool, 14 November 2014

Christoffer Lindhe has previously swum at elite level and moreover competed in 2 Paralympics (Beijing and London). We frequently receive questions about how he currently swims and trains, now that he is no longer an active elite swimmer. In the video you can see how Christoffer swims, which aids he uses and how he finds time to train, despite the fact that his major focus today is as CEO of Lindhe Xtend.

Xtend Foot premiered at Ortopedteknik in Göteborg

Göteborg, 24 October 2014

Christoffer Lindhe demonstrates the new Xtend Foot prosthetic foot and the prosthetic protection Xtend Cover which were premiered at Ortopedteknik 2014 in Göteborg. Take a tour of the stand and meet Marie, thigh amputee, who gives a practical demonstration of how flexible the foot is laterally.

On tour in Norway – on the art of travelling

Oslo in Norway, 6 October 2014

Christoffer Lindhe has done a lot of travelling, both during his active swimming career, the Paralympics in Peking and London for example, but also with the Lindhe Xtend company which develops user friendly prostheses, and when giving lectures. How is it possible to travel smart and what small tips and tricks does Christoffer have to offer? See the entry from Holmenkollen in Norway where Lindhe Xtend tests their prosthetic feet.