Lindhe Xtend acquires Hydracoupler

True patient innovation is the core of Lindhe Xtend, and we now have the pleasure to announce the acquisition of all the intellectual property and full rights to the highly innovative system of Hydracoupler.

“This innovation fits very nicely with our idea to “Change & Connect Anything” on all prosthetic legs and will expand the reach of our current product portfolio of Xtend Connect”, says Christoffer Lindhe, Founder and Principal owner of Lindhe Xtend. “We truly believe in every prosthetic users’ right to adapt the prosthesis to their everyday life. Simple tasks like changing trousers or shoes are tricky for me and other amputees, so we want to make those tasks as easy and quick as they were before the amputation.”

The Hydracoupler makes it possible to detach a prosthetic leg even if the amputee uses a traditional foam-cover. The device will open the market for quick-change adapters even further and expand the addressable market for quick-change adapters. No other device on the market fits together with a foam-covered leg.

Hydracoupler is developed by the engineer Martin Adelholt, an amputee himself, and true user-based innovator.

“I am so glad that Lindhe Xtend and I could conclude this. I have been working on this innovation for several years and I also wear it myself, so seeing this product get out on the market and be accessible to other amputees, will mean a lot to me. Lindhe Xtend is one of few prosthetic companies that makes user-driven products, and I am convinced that they will benefit from that in the long term by supporting many amputees around the globe to live a simpler life with prosthetics. “says Martin Adelholt.

The acquisition was completed on December 4, 2020 and the product is expected to reach the market late 2021.

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Welcome Surehab India

We are so happy and proud to present our new distributor Surehab Healthcare in India. With the clinical expertise and broad presence in the country, Surehab has the ability and strength to bring our products and innovations to this fantastic market.

“India is a key market for the global expansion of Lindhe Xtend. We see the long term benefits of working together with Surehab and are confident that we will be represented in best of ways. We couldn’t be more excited to offer our products to the India market. With a steady annual increase of GDP in South Asia, the growth potential of this market is a key factor when we expand our territories.”   Marcus Åkesson, Sales Manager International Markets

Effective today, 1st Dec 2020, this strategic partnership will combine Lindhe Xtend innovative range of products in the field of prosthetics and Surehab’s clinical expertise to improve the people’s mobility. Working together, we will improve amputee lives also in India.

Welcome to the team, Surehab India!

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