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Avoid constant changes of complete prosthetic for various activities

With Xtend Connect, you can change quickly from an activity foot to an everyday foot and keep the same socket, so you don’t need to carry complete sets around with you. Or change quickly between high heels and everyday foot – without disturbing the important settings, of course.

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närbild på en kombination av protesadapter Xtend Connect
Xtend Connect bild som visar användningsområdet att enkelt kunna byta ut din protesfot

Changing feet

Because different feet have different heights, remember to fit Xtend Connect as high as possible up the tube that connects to the prosthetic foot. By doing this, you can adjust for different prosthetic foot heights by
truncating the connecting tube to the correct height. It is also easier for the prosthetic user to change the foot if there is a tube to hold onto.

Remember, too, that you need to order two lower components for the different feet.

Changing trousers

Here you can put Xtend Connect wherever you like, but the lower down the prosthetic foot the connection is, the easier it is to pull on tight trousers.

Xtend Connect protesadapter som visar användningsområdet att enkelt ta av sin protesfot
Prosthetic adapter Xtend Connect attached between the socket and the prosthetic knee

Changing the knee joint

Bear in mind that changing knee joints can be heavy work for the prosthesis user, and that both hands are often needed to perform the change.

Alignment is very important, and easiest to achieve if you use the female pyramid as a connecting component to the knee joint.

Don’t be afraid to rotate Xtend Connect so that the quick fit unit faces downwards. This does not affect the functioning of the component, and can sometimes be easier for the patient to manage.

Christoffer Lindhe in a blue shirt with shorts standing on his long prosthetic legs
Christoffer Lindhe in a blue shirt with shorts standing on his short prosthetic legs with Xtend Connect attached

User Need Studies Xtend Connect

As our innovations always originate from true end-user needs, we rely on research and data as a basis of our development of Xtend Connect.

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Quick fit units

* Black locking wheel as default. For orange locking wheel, please add "-O" as a suffix to the article number.
Item number Description
A100-Q30-150 Xtend Connect quick fit unit with tube clamp 30 mm
A100-Q4-150 Xtend Connect quick fit unit with 4-hole adapter
A100-QF-150 Xtend Connect quick fit unit with female pyramid adapter
A100-QP-150 Xtend Connect quick fit unit with prong adapter


Item number Description
A100-BF-150 Xtend Connect base unit with female pyramid adapter
A100-BM-150 Xtend Connect base unit with male pyramid adapter
A100-B30-150 Xtend Connect base unit with 30 mm tube


Effective build height 19mm
System height total 66mm
Weight 331 gram
Effective weight 208 gram
Outer diameter (at widest point) 59 mm (with the lock wheel in the screwed position)
Maximum patient weight 150 kg (330 lb)



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