Study 1 – 41 respondents

How to make life easier for prosthetic users by enabling change of prosthetic components.

The purpose of this study was to examine how to improve life for those living with limb-loss by facilitating, simplifying and reducing the time needed to connect/disconnect prosthetic feet.

To understand more about the demand of the market and user needs a survey was conducted with 41 amputated respondents that were prosthetic users.

Would you change shoes more often if it was easier?

Why is it complicated to change pants?

Study 2 – 47 respondents

Understanding the demand of a quick coupler for prosthetic systems.

The purpose of the study was to bring forward a product model that gives the prosthetic user the possibility to change components in a prosthetic  system depending on activity.

To understand more about the demand of the market and user needs a survey was conducted with 47 amputated respondents that were prosthetic users of varying age, weight, height, degree of amputation and activity level.

Some results of this survey on user needs.

It would be easier if it was possible to change foot/knee easily with pants on

It is nice to remove the prosthesis during long journeys to relieve the pressure and increase the legroom

It would be a great advantage to be able to easily change foot/knee without having to change the socket

When travelling it would be beneficial to not have to pack prosthesis with sockets, as they affect the luggage volume



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