prosthetic foot walking on a street

To the hilltop or the mailbox

The earth is not flat, and life is rarely lived on even ground. The zest is often found where foot prostheses struggle to offer support. The patented Xtend Foot functions to all intents and purposes like a human foot. It is always ready to take you where you want to go. Whether it be hiking, SUPing, golfing, walking the dog or just picking up the mail.

Natural and safe movement

The defining feature of Xtend Foot is its superior lateral mobility, a secure compensation on uneven surfaces. This is thanks to its unique mix of the adaptable and flexible glass fiber and the carbon fiber, a material known for its ability to create energy return.

The system mimics the natural movement of a human foot with the toe, heel and base laminate providing strength and effective energy return while the active shock absorption in the foot gives appreciable relief for the residual limb. The Xtend Foot produces a comfortable, natural and durable way of walking, even in challenging terrains like downward slopes, stairs and your favorite forest trail.

17° lateral flexibility – comparable with a human foot

Superior energy return, strength and flexibility

Guaranteed in fresh, pool-, and salt water

Lightweight contruction - only 340 g/0,75 lbs

17° that mean everything


The lateral mobility makes walking easy – from the very first step to the full hike. By counteracting unevenness, Xtend Foot adapts to different surfaces and gives you unrivalled security and balance.

A more eco-friendly footshell

Our new durable footshell is available in four different colors and comes with a sleek black spectra sock.

Eco-friendly renewable material

9-month warranty




Jet Black

Evidence based studies Xtend Foot

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Short learning period!

Xtend Foot is intended for people who have had an above or below-knee amputation and regularly maintain a moderate to high activity level, particularly outdoors and on uneven terrain. The prosthetic foot accommodates both unilateral and bilateral, up to 150kg/330Ibs in weight.


prosthetic foot walking in the woods

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