Say hi to our new dynamic duo in sales

We are delighted to welcome our new Territory Sales Managers – MJ McNeece and Amy Carr – to the company.   MJ will be responsible for the West of USA and work out of the city of Seattle, while Amy will have her base in Tampa overseeing the South East of the US.

To introduce MJ a bit further, she has a Bachelor in Communication & Public Relations and she brings a wealth of experience from her previous role as the Outreach Coordinator for Naked Prosthetics’ educational team. Her extensive background in advertising and marketing is also an asset, as it’s offering valuable insights into understanding the market.

Shifting our focus to Amy, she holds a Bachelor’s in Public Health and brings with her a background as a Sales Territory Manager for Alps in Florida. In her latest role, she worked with web development within her family’s business. Fortunately for us, she’s enthusiastic about making a return to the O&P Industry!

A warm welcome to our dream team, ladies!


Amy Carr and and MJ McNeece