Xtend Connect now accessible to SPS and Hanger in the US

We are so excited to announce our new partnership with SPS and Hanger in the US.
“With a long history of serving the O&P profession, and with as impressive a roster of clients as one can imagine, including the nationally prominent Hanger Clinics, SPS is the ideal partner to help us get our products to those who will truly benefit: amputees.” says our own Russell Cannon, Director of Sales, North America at Lindhe Xtend Inc. Starting October 2021, SPS and Hanger will take onboard Xtend Connect – our complete range of quick-change adapters.
The largest distributor in the world, founded in 1917 and formerly known as Southern Prosthetic Supply, SPS has multiple Distribution Centers, a highly respected Sales & Marketing division as well as a team of Professional Educators. They are in other words highly qualified to reach clinicians with our solution that truly revolutionizes day-to-day life for amputees. Hanger Clinics has over 800 locations nation-wide over 1 Million patients are treated annually.

Thank you for your confidence and looking forward to the cooperation!

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