University thesis investigating quick change adapters

We aim to make life easier for amputees and therefore we find it very interesting that Karl Wilsborn and Kenneth Heggdal, prosthetist students at School of Health and Welfare, University of Jönköping, have made a study focusing on the need of quick change adapters. The study was qualitative and made through interviewing 6 users, half of them transtibial amputees and half of them transfemoral amputees.

The results of the study shows that the need of quick change adapters are highly subjective, and depends more on the individuals life style than general factors. The need seems to be depending on activity level, number of components, personal attitude and other subjective factors.
Today there are only two quick change adapters on the market, and these are the two used in the study. One of these are our product Xtend Connect and we are very happy that it was percieved to be slim, easy to use and durable.

Read the full thesis in swedish (summary in english available)