The Xtend Foot Changed My Life

Hearing customer feedback is something we truly appreciate. Here’s some from Jerry Wilson, that works himself as a technician at an Orthopaedic clinic in North Carolina, USA.

For 14 years as a left transtibial amputee, finding the perfect prosthetic foot was an ongoing journey for Jerry. He tried numerous options, each with its strengths. Then, Jerry discovered the Xtend Foot.

“I’ve been wearing another foot for years due to its smooth rollover, but the Xtend foot changed the game. It outshines in balance and stability, crucial for my active lifestyle. Whether I’m working, tending to my yard, or simply living life, I’m on my feet for 14 to 16 hours daily” Jerry claims.

With other feet, uneven terrain was a challenge, causing instability and discomfort. The Xtend foot, however, offers unparalleled stability. Now walking on grass or any irregular surface feels planted and balanced, relieving the soreness and pain he used to experience in his stump.

Jerry shared with both his wife and prosthetist that the Xtend foot feels just like his natural foot. He no longer switch out feet; as this has become his go-to, and he claims it would take something truly exceptional to make him consider a change.

“The Xtend foot isn’t just a prosthetic; it’s become an integral part of my life, providing the stability and confidence I need in every step I take” says Jerry.

Thanks for you feedback Jerry, and continue enjoying life on all kinds of ground!