4 Useful Tips for Walking with Prosthetic Legs during Winter – What to Know

Navigating in temperate climates with prosthetic legs can already be a challenge for many, but it can be a slippery slope once winter hits the season. It can pose a threat to amputees that do not know how to handle taking a stroll out with a white blanket of snow outside, which is why we’re here to help stay steady and take the first step with ease. 

Various modern technologies are fortunately making winter easier for those using prosthetics from below the knee. With the tried and true tips below, you can get a grip and be one step closer to skiing, skating, or even snowboarding on ice once you get the hang of it!

Tip #1: Always Tread Carefully

Taking extreme caution is the name of the game when dealing with a cold environment and icy sidewalks, so be sure to tread carefully. Look ahead and watch out for any slippery hazards such as a slick, icy patch, or large snowbank. Don’t hesitate to take the time by avoiding these threatening situations as it will save you from trouble in the long run.

Don’t forget to leverage railings or handholds every time the opportunity arises as it will give you a better sense of grip as you traverse the winter wonderland. Stroll within your first few times, ensuring that you distribute your weight as evenly as possible. Of course, you’ll learn how to cope with winter the more you practice, allowing you to adjust to different types of snow after a while.

Tip #2: Choose the Right Boots

You can kick off a good start in winter by choosing the right boots to wear. With that in mind, you must pick a pair that values function over style as wearing kicks that have poor performance will only land you in trouble. With that in mind, the best pair is any winter footwear that enables you to get a good grip on your surroundings.

Rubber soles are an excellent choice, which gives you the option of buying shoes with built-in traction or strap-on grips such as Yaktrax. 

Tip #3: Always Stay Warm

Your footwear plays a significant role in keeping you comfortable during colder months, but maintaining warmth beyond your bottom knee goes a long way in preserving your energy. If you leave any part of your limbs exposed to the cold, you risk experiencing pain, which can compromise your abilities and functionality for the day. 

Tip #4: Consider Getting a Cane

Acquiring a cane may sometimes be hurtful to your pride, but there’s nothing more dangerous than letting pride win while you take the fall. With that in mind, getting a cane for additional support can make a world of difference as it can supplement your grip for winter. 

Winter may be a wonderland for many, but for amputees, it can pose a dangerous risk if you’re not careful. With that in mind, being aware of your surroundings and considering other factors that can lead you to threatening situations is necessary for your safety. For that reason, the tips above should give you a better grip of the season and help you make the first step to mastering the inclement weather.

If you’re looking for foot prosthesis solutions for this winter, get in touch with Lindhe Xtend to see how we can help!