3 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Amputees

In a matter of weeks, autumn would turn to winter, and in between that is Halloween. Prepare to have fun with kids and friends, even if you have one less leg. Thinking of and designing an authentic Halloween costume would be easier for you without one or both of your legs. However, to create the best Halloween costume, you need to start as early as now to prepare.


Halloween costume idea #1: Peg-leg pirate

This is the most obvious costume idea yet the most authentic, whether you want to amuse or horrify your guests, kids, and friends. You can search Google and look for Edward Teach or Mary Read as an inspiration for your costume. You can also be a simple pirate using the following materials:


  • Eyepatch
  • Bandana
  • Pirate hat
  • Long, dark coat
  • Jewellery
  • Loose shirt
  • Wooden toy gun
  • Pegleg/s (essential)


You can search online for wooden pirate peg legs for sale. You can also try wrapping a brown paper around your prosthetic leg. Of course, nothing beats a peg leg than a prosthetic leg that you can decorate with fake gold and precious stones to showcase your plundered booties (pun intended). However, don’t forget the upper half of your body. You can grow a beard as early as now so that it is thick and rich as Edward Teach’s beard by Halloween season. Also, practice your pirate vocabulary and voice for a more convincing effect.


Halloween costume idea #2: Zombie

Not everyone can put on a compelling legless zombie costume, and that’s where you have the advantage. If there are people coming to the party who do not know you yet, they will be in for a big surprise when you dress up as a zombie. For this costume, you will need:


  • Torn and dirty clothing
  • Face makeup
  • Novelty dentures
  • Fake blood gel


Apply fake blood gel over your stump, as well as your mouth and parts of your body and clothing. For more frightening effect, you and your accomplices can set yourself behind a wall, refrigerator, or door and spring yourself open in front of the passerby. Those whom you scare would never forget you for the experience. There’s also the option of applying fake blood on your artificial limb and wearing torn shorts, while you emphasize the top part of your body through makeup. Roam around the streets and ask for treats and people would not have second thoughts giving them to you.


Halloween costume idea #3: Medieval torture victim with a dislocated leg

The Medieval Ages was a terrible time for criminal justice. If you were sentenced to be quartered and hanged, the authorities would dislocate you. You can recreate this horror scene convincingly using your remaining legs and papier-mache. Since this costume takes more work, you need to start early to finish it before Halloween. To make this costume, you need:


  • Lots of old newspaper (cut into strips)
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Tissue paper
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Brown acrylic paint (or spray paint)
  • Fake blood
  • White long-sleeved shirt
  • Torn pants (not jeans)


Using plaster of Paris, create a mould from your remaining leg or from a friend’s leg. Once the mould hardens, take it off and use it as a model where you can make your leg papier mache. Apply layers of glue and overlapping newspaper strips on the cast before applying another layer of tissue paper and glue for texture. Allow the “leg” to dry and harden for a week before painting it with brown acrylic or spray paint. In the party, you can remove your prosthetic limb, sit down on one corner and apply fake blood all over your stump and waist. Then arrange the leg to appear bent perpendicular to your waist. Your visitors would have no idea what’s in store for them when they come to your horror house.

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