We are hiring…

We are looking for our first man or woman on the US-ground to join the innovative
Lindhe Xtend Team.

The role as Business Development Director North America, will be
super-important in our work to establish our brand and products on the US and Canadian

Are you interested in the position, please send an e-mail to jessika@lindhe.se

OTB in Sweden, CEO Jessika Broström member of the Board

Lindhe Xtend has been a member of the Swedish OTB since 2017. The Swedish organization for companies in the Prosthetics & Orthotics gathers 50 Swedish O&P companies, both public and private in Sweden. The target of the organization is to support the industry and its role in the society.

This is a vision that is clearly shared with Lindhe Xtend and CEO, Jessika Broström says: “I am really proud to be a Member of the Board of this important organization. By influencing the O&P industry on many levels, today and tomorrow, we can assure that the patients best is in the forefront”.

Book a product webinar and meet us online

Since the current circumstances around the globe doesn’t allow us to meet in person, we took the opportunity to develop a concept to meet virtually. Visit our digital showroom to learn more about what difference our products can make to a users’ daily life.

Send us a mail at info@lindhe.se to book an online meeting.

Chief Marketing Officer – Susanna Rosander

We are proud to present our newest team-member Susanna Rosander. In order to assure the international expansion of our company, continue to build a strong brand and support the launch of our products in new countries, Susanna will be a great contribution to the team and in scaling up our marketing efforts. Susanna has held leading marketing positions in international companies like Getinge and Gerdmans and has an extensive knowledge in building strong presence in social and digital media. Susanna started her position in March and will share her time between Lindhe Xtend AB in Sweden and the newly established US-entity, Lindhe Xtend Inc.