3-way stability on any ground

The Xtend Foot Trenne is a prosthetic foot that delivers three-way stability. Whether to ascend/descend a slope, provide side-to-side adaptability or offer smooth rotation when changing direction, Trenne provides secure, fluid and dynamic motion.

Xtend Foot Trenne is a lightweight prosthetic foot (413 gram/0.91 lbs) constructed from adaptable glass fiber as well as carbon fiber, a material renowned for its strength and energy return properties.

3-way stability
42° inversion/eversion, 25° dorsi/plantar flexion,
6° transverse rotation

Adaptable glass fiber for strength and
carbon fiber for energy return properties

Guaranteed in fresh-, pool-
and salt water

Unique 3-way stability


The key to providing exceptional stability comes from having significant flexibility in all anatomical planes of motion: transverse, sagittal and frontal/coronal.

A more eco-friendly footshell

Our durable footshell is available in four different colors and comes with a sleek black spectra sock.

Eco-friendly renewable material

9 month-warranty




Jet Black

Xtend Foot Trenne Pre packed and fully assembled ready to be mounted to the patient.

Mounted on delivery

For your convenience, the Xtend Foot Trenne comes pre-assembled and ready to be mounted to the patient, including our sleek black spectra sock which comes in three sizes for the perfect fit.

The Package includes;

  • Xtend Foot Trenne
  • Footshell
  • Spectra Sock
  • IFU

Xtend Foot Trenne size guide

What size do I need?

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