Xtend Cover protesskydd för knäprotes, benprotes & benprotes

Xtend Cover Prosthesis protection

Xtend Cover is an internally developed cosmetic cover for artificial knees. It is attractive and well-designed so that wearers can proudly display their legs. The design enables personal expression and serves as an elegant accessory, at the same time as protecting the prosthesis against impacts. The prosthesis cover is based on a 3D-printed core of light but durable polyamide, with a tailor-made leather covering. It consists of two parts, one front and one back piece, which are simple to fit by means of two screws in the lower edge. Rubber bushings keep the rest of the guard in place and provide cushioning in the event of falls or when kneeling.

another close up of our prosthetic leg covers
close up of our prosthetic leg covers

For whom?

Xtend Cover fits all thigh amputees who use eihter mechanical or microprocessor controlled knee prostheses, as well as some lower leg amputees. Available in two variants, a men’s and a ladies’ version.

Technical data

Tube size 30 or 34 mm
Weight men version 350 grams
Weight ladies version 325 grams
Material inner core Polyamid
Material external cover Genuine leather

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side pic of our prosthetic leg covers



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